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Your First Visit:

Please arrive 15 minutes early to your initial 1-hour consultation with Dr. Kaler to complete a new patient intake form.  

Bring any recent lab tests or imaging  to your first visit, if possible.

During this 1-hour comprehensive initial consultation, you and Dr. Kaler will review you current health statuspast medical and family history.

Other areas you may explore with Dr. Kaler include:

  • Diet and Nutrition

  • Digestive Health

  • Lifestyle factors (exercise, smoking & alcohol intake)

  • Stress and emotional wellbeing

  • Psychological Health

  • Family & Relationship Status

  • Physical Exam (cardiovascular, abdominal, thyroid exam etc.)


At the end of this visit, you will be provided with a comprehensive treatment plan, that may include diet, lifestyle and supplement prescriptions,  lab or imaging tests, a medical referral, release of medical records and  future goals of treatment.


A follow-up appointment will be scheduled typically 2-4 weeks later, or when a test result or milestone of treatment is reached

Medical form with stethoscope